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Does staging my home really pay off?

If you were selling a car, would you get more money if you washed and waxed it?  Probably…
Or reverse this question….
If I tried to sell a dirty car, would I get less money for it?  Absolutely!
Here is a home that clearly shows the benefits of staging.
All pictures were taken by professional photographers.
The only difference is the staging.
Prior to staging, this home had 27 showings and no offers.
After staging, there were 24 showings in 10 days, three offers, and sold for full asking price.
Interpretation: Without staging, the marketing was sufficient to attract plenty of buyers to view the home.  Yet when actually at the home, all 27 buyers rejected the home purchase. After staging, buyers could focus on the potential in the home, rather than the distractions.
Result: With staging, the seller made the most money possible.

Formal Living Room
living room

living room with staging

Formal Dining Room

dining room
dining room with staging

Family Room

family room
family room with staging

Master Bedroom

master bedroom
master bedroom with staging

Mechanical / Storage / Utility Room

mechanical storage utility room
mechanical storage utility room with staging