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About Portland Homes For Cars

Q: What exactly is “Portland Homes For Cars” anyway?
A: I sell homes with large garages and space for your toys.
This business is the combination of 30 years of automotive passion and a career in real estate in Portland, Oregon.  The result is a Realtor who uniquely understands your needs and desires for a garage to accommodate your passion, hobby, or storage requirements.  I am blessed to work in the area of my passion!
While other Realtors limit their knowledge to just the house, my expertise includes the garage and the features that turn it from simple indoor storage into a functional workspace or showcase room.
My focus on the automotive hobby makes my real estate business unique.  I am one of only FOUR real estate agents in the United States who focus on the garage to this extent!
Do you need a larger garage?  Parking for your trailer?  Space for a shop?  Or just extra parking for your boat, quad, RV, or golf cart? I am the real estate agent who knows where these homes are located, and how to buy them.